Thank you!

Student Riya Gujarathi I chose to study at Imperial as it is known for its world class technology and facilities. The student union is inclusive, and the clubs and societies allow me to push and explore my boundaries, there is something for everyone to get involved in! There are lectures and talks by professionals who are experts in their fields and support is available from academics and the student support team for mental health. As Imperial is located in London it has allowed me to expand my horizons and meet new people everyday.

I have enjoyed the projects we have been given such as designing an aerospace vehicle and building a wind turbine and this summer we will be designing a Mars transit vehicle. These exciting projects give me technical experience and allow me to develop various key skills. The modules on the course have allowed me to thrive in my knowledge and understanding of the modern aerospace environment. I am very interested in spacecraft GNC and controls and have considered this as a career in the future.  

I am a member of the Underwater Club, Rocketry club, Imperial AeroSoc and Rugby team. Through the Underwater Club, I have been able to get certified as a BSAC Sports diver which will help towards my career goal. For the Rocketry club I work in the systems and integration team. This experience helps me develop my technical knowledge and expand my resume. As part of AeroSoc, I get the opportunity to build industry connections and attend career talks that are specific to the aero and space industry. The women’s rugby team is like our small community where we motivate each other to be resilient and improve in this sport. Overall, being part of clubs and societies at Imperial allows me to become an all-rounded individual and meet new people. As well as these activities I also study Russian at level 3 as part of the Horizons sessions which is a great achievement!

Due to the pandemic, our family business in India was financially affected and my father struggled to send money to support me. My only option was to return home to India and take a year out from my course. The thought of my studies being disrupted was very upsetting and I knew this would have affected my mental health. The support of the College and the Student Hardship Fund allowed me to continue living in London and to pay for my living expenses and essential needs. This support has allowed me to have a peace of mind and enabled me to focus on my course instead of worrying about my finances.

I am extremely grateful as The Student Hardship Fund has allowed me to continue my studies and take part in the brilliant activities which I thoroughly enjoy. This support has been a blessing, it has helped with my mental health and motivates me to work even harder so that in the future I can become a donor.