Community health and policy is central to the mission of public health research: improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities through prevention, intervention and policy.  

The insights of general practitioners and primary care professionals, working at a community level, can have global impact.

The health of hundreds of millions of people worldwide has been improved over time thanks to vaccination programmes, policy initiatives and the dissemination of research findings to the public. At the School of Public Health, we are leading the way in tackling the major health challenges of this and future generations, such as obesity, air pollution, and diseases of ageing, including dementia. We use our expertise and extensive networks to improve the physical and mental health of communities – locally, nationally and around the world.  

Professor Deborah AshbyWe work closely with GPs, NHS partners, industry, local authorities, overseas governments and universities to improve public health and primary care through high-quality research, training and advocacy. We are preventing disease by better understanding conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and combining the discovery of risk factors with prevention and education programmes in the community. We apply our expertise in data science to harness the power of routinely collected health data in the improvement of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

We provide the evidence base for more effective interventions at population level, from finding the links between cancer and environmental factors worldwide, to the epidemiological study of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which is informing new methods for early prediction and prevention.

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The campaign for the School of Public Health is a landmark moment in Imperial’s commitment to the White City community. With space for clinical trials and close collaboration with patients and the public, the School of Public Health will bring cutting-edge research expertise to the public health challenges that affect our community. What we learn from our work in White City will have global implications for health and wellbeing.

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