With only one in a hundred Imperial students receiving a scholarship from the College, there has never been a time when the need for philanthropic support for scholarships has been greater.

Imperial awards scholarships to the most academically able young people – those with the potential to make the most of the opportunities we offer and the ambition to forge a successful career in research, industry or business.

We offer two kinds of scholarships. Full scholarships provide tuition fees and a grant for living costs. Maintenance scholarships cover living costs only.

We offer scholarships at undergraduate and doctoral level, and for home and overseas students. All scholarships are offered for the duration of the recipient’s chosen course — usually three or four years.

An increasing proportion of the scholarships we offer are funded through philanthropic support from individuals, alumni and businesses.

The life-changing impact of scholarships

A scholarship offers young people financial freedom – allowing them to fulfil their academic potential, to explore the cultural and social opportunities around them, and to establish a firm foundation for a successful career.

  • For some students, a scholarship offers them the freedom to focus fully on their studies, without needing to take on part-time work during term.
  • For others, a scholarship makes it possible to take on an otherwise unaffordable work placement in London during vacation.
  • For students undertaking doctoral study, a scholarship gives them the freedom to pursue the research that inspires them, without need to compromise their focus in order to fund their course of study.

A scholarship is a significant investment in a young person’s future; its benefits last a lifetime.

Why we are prioritising scholarships

We want the brightest young people to choose to study at Imperial – and to be able to afford to do so. Scholarships play an important role in realising this aim.

Offering financial support in the form of a scholarship helps us to attract the most promising prospective students and young researchers – who might otherwise consider accepting a place at other leading universities. The offer of a scholarship can also make study at Imperial possible for young people from lower-income families, for overseas students, and for doctoral students whose background or research interests make them ineligible for other funding.

Over the last few years, we’ve made real progress in increasing the number of scholarships that we’re able to offer. But there is a long way to go. Today we are able to offer a scholarship to barely one in a hundred undergraduates. The need for PhD scholarships is even greater.

Recognition and thanks

We are delighted to be able to name scholarships in recognition of the donor – whether that is an individual, a group of alumni or a company. Donors may also choose to name a scholarship in memory or honour of an alumnus or faculty member.

Many donors enjoy making a personal connection with the recipients of their scholarship, and there are opportunities to meet scholars throughout their course, in addition to regular written progress reports. We know that scholars also value this opportunity to say thank you in person, and to share their experience of life at Imperial and their plans for the future.

To discuss gifting a scholarship

To learn more about named scholarships at Imperial, please get in touch