About us

We co-create and diffuse healthcare innovations to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges facing people today.

The Institute of Global Health Innovation is one of Imperial's six global challenge institutes. Our work supports the identification, development and widespread diffusion of innovations in healthcare. In doing so we aim to achieve our vision of sustainably reducing inequalities in global health for generations to come.

We're a multidisciplinary team of talented people from a range of backgrounds and specialities, from clinicians to engineers, policy analysts to economists. Together, our work drives the co-creation and implementation of healthcare innovation to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges facing mankind today.

Housed within the Faculty of Medicine, we collaborate across the College’s wealth of multidisciplinary talent to innovate across science, technology, design and policy. Our goal is to develop evidence-based, cutting-edge solutions to the issues faced by healthcare systems. We seek to create transformational improvement in the quality and equity of patient care, population health and wellbeing.

Our work 

The breadth of our work is one of the Institute's defining strengths. 

Our major areas of focus are:

Our work is made possible through our Centres of Excellence that specialise in these areas. These Centres regularly collaborate to share knowledge, skills and expertise, so that together we can solve bigger problems and accelerate progress in healthcare.

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