LHSNThe fact that patient safety is an important issue in healthcare is not up for debate. We can all agree that it is unacceptable that almost one in 10 patients are harmed while receiving care in the hospital. However, it is also worrying that we rely on estimates of safety levels because of the lack of comprehensive information.

Through a combination of a review of the literature and a qualitative survey of eight organisations, this report compares how health systems measure patient safety. The report of the Leading Health Systems Network (LHSN) 2016 reviews which information sources are used and to what end and aims to highlight ways for all care providers to improve the measurement of patient safety.

About the Leading Health Systems Network

Based at Imperial College London and in partnership with WISH, the Leading Health Systems  Network is a collaborative network of healthcare leaders and organisations dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by effectively and efficiently using available resources. The network brings together the best ideas, models of care, and strategies to drive sustained improvement, and connects healthcare leaders to a like-minded community of peers that share the same goals and challenges

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