Our work

Our dynamic structure supports the creation and evolution of research that is focused within distinct, but widely partnered centres of excellence.

Aligned firmly with the College’s strategic aims, we focus on the delivery of high quality and internationally relevant research. Our work is organised around our multidisciplinary Centres of Excellence, which are tightly woven within a clinical setting. Together, these centres form a value-adding and supportive framework for the development of research expertise, the delivery of world-class educational programmes and the translation of cutting-edge research.

By applying these strengths, we are able to support innovation in healthcare along the entire innovation pathway of translational research. From scientific discovery to first-evaluation in humans, to supporting the establishment of evidence-based best practice and finally, to the diffusion of best practice on a population and international level.

Through evidence-based policy formation and the collective insight of a global network of experts and peers, brought together through the World Innovation Summit for Health, we are able to drive the impact of our research and better realise our founding vision.

We are a virtual institute that harnesses the unique interdisciplinary strengths of Imperial across all of its faculties in order to achieve our strategic aims.

We provide a powerful engine to support the incubation and transformation of research groups into world-leading centres of excellence by first accruing a critical mass of academic brilliance, aligned objectives, funding and resources. As a coordinating force, we support these centres to promote collaboration and to access a diverse and rich network of internal and external partners from academia, industry, government and the charitable sector.