Comms and health

Some of Imperial's current research in the areas of communications technology and health are outlined below.

Communications technology and health

Global eHealth unit

Dr Ceire Costelloe (Director)

The Global eHealth Unit is at the forefront of the introduction and implementation of IT innovation into health care systems. The UK has a leading position in the application of information and communication technology in healthcare.  To realise the full potential of that position, the unit capitalises on local London, national and international opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary, cross-boundary research and innovation in eHealth. 

Virtual Worlds

Dave Taylor

Research using Virtual Worlds and mobile media is undertaken by the Medical Media and Design Laboratory, with applications in healthcare service design and education.

Interactive clinical simulations and virtual patients have been developed and validated for advanced planning, training and assessment applications including major incident exercises for whole hospitals and multidisciplinary teams.

The team collaborates with researchers at Imperial College and other Institutions to create research, training, design visualisations and mobile software. They also manage events and support a growing community of healthcare innovators.