GDHI The Global Diffusion of Health Innovation (GDHI) research is an assessment of how healthcare systems around the world adopt new innovations and spread them successfully, with the aim of inspiring other countries to adopt the best methods and ideas.

Through interviews and surveys with a range of experts in each country, including policymakers and healthcare professionals, the GDHI research focuses on the factors and key enablers that allow the selected countries to take up new health innovations, including funding for research and their relationships with other sectors.

The GDHI also examines the cultural behavior that influences the spread of new ideas, such as the way each country engages with healthcare professionals, patients and the wider public, and highlights particular areas where countries are creating these conditions. By sharing this learning and dialogue, it is hoped that other countries can translate these ideas for their own systems.

In identifying what works well – and why – the aim of the research is to inspire countries to learn from each other’s success and share best practice, and encourage the uptake of new ideas to help improve the health and well being of populations worldwide.

The GDHI is a valuable tool for all healthcare systems – an essential tool if we are to get better at diffusing innovation and meet the modern health challenges of today. If we can identify the type of environment that helps make it easier for countries to look after their people in innovative and accessible ways, then we will all benefit, regardless of where we live or what kind of lifestyle we have.

WISH 2013’s GDHI report assessed eight countries: Australia, Brazil, England, India, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. To view last year’s report, please click here.