Women with a baby walking along a flood

Sharing stories of hope and fear from people across the world

Hear stories from people around the world.

How does climate change make you feel?

We asked people around the world: how does climate change make you feel?

People shared with us their thoughts, feelings, and emotional responses to climate change, which we presented at COP26.

Our Climate Cares team is working to raise awareness of the interrelationship between climate change and mental health, and develop evidence-based tools to help individuals, communities, health systems and governments address this global issue.

Hear stories from people talking about the action on climate change and mental health they want to see.

What future change do you want to see?

Climate change is affecting people's mental health, leading to an array of emotional and psychological responses that can be healthy or harmful.

We need to better understand this complex relationship and develop effective, evidence-based solutions that can benefit both people and planet.

We ask people around the world: what future change do you hope to see?

Hear their stories.

This video was produced by Climate Cares and shared at COP26.