Registration for Commemoration Day 2019 is now closed

Additional guest ceremony tickets 

Once registration has closed additional guest ceremony tickets and guest department reception tickets may become available to purchase. More information will be provided about availability of additional tickets by Monday 9 September 2019, with any additional tickets available to purchase shortly afterwards.  Please note guest department reception tickets sell out quicker than guest ceremony tickets, therefore you are not guaranteed the same number of tickets for both the department reception and ceremony.  

Guest ceremony seating 

On Commemoration Day, you will not sit with your guests. Guests seating is allocated inside the Royal Albert Hall and seat numbers will be indicated on guest ceremony tickets.  You will be seated with other graduands.

Children and babies

Guest ceremony tickets and guest department reception tickets must be purchased for children aged over two years old if you wish them to attend. Postgraduation Graduation is a formal occasion so may not be suitable for very young children.

Tell us about any special requirements

If you need to book a disabled car parking space on campus, or if you or your guests have any special requirements, let us know during the registration process. Read more about accessibility and special requirements at Commemoration Day.