Faculty of Engineering  - 12.30

Department Venue
Computing Sir Alexander Fleming Building and Rooms
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bioengineering  Great Hall 
Mechanical Engineering Skempton Boss Space 
Chemical Engineering City and Guilds Foyer 
Dyson School of Design Engineering College Main Entrance
Earth Science and Engineering RSM 301 C, D, E
Aeronautics RSM G38 & G41
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Prince's Garden Marquee


Faculty of Medicine - 16.00

Department Venue
MBBS  Sir Alexander Fleming Building and Rooms
iBSc Anaesthesia and Critical Care Great Hall      
iBSc Cancer Frontiers
iBSc Cardiovascular Sciences
iBSc Remote Medicine
iBSc Surgical Design,Technology and Innovation
iBSc Translational Respiratory Medicine
BSc  City and Guilds Foyer 
Buisness school (Joint Hons and Intercalated BSc) College Main Entrance
iBSc Management Prince's Garden Marquee         
iBSc Endocrinology
iBSc Gastroenterology and Hepatology
iBSc Global Health
iBSc Haematology
iBSc Humanities, Philosophy and Law
iBSc Immunity and Infection
iBSc Neuroscience and Mental Health
iBSc Pharmacology
iBSc Reproductive and Developmental Sciences


Faculty of Natural Sciences - 19.30

Department Venue
Department of Life Sciences Sir Alexander Fleming Building and Rooms
Department of Mathematics Great Hall 
Department of Chemistry City and Guilds Foyer 
Department of Physics Prince's Garden Marquee