Grantham Research Fellow posts are aimed at external stakeholders who hold positions of responsibility in industry, business, policy, or NGOs. They should be employed by an organisation who is interested in the same questions as the Grantham Institute, and in knowledge exchange and the translation of research findings. These posts offer the opportunity for Affiliates to foster greater engagement with non-academic stakeholders, embed external expertise within the College through work on complementary projects, and to maximise the impact of research beyond academia.

The Institute will fund up to two Grantham Research Fellow posts each year, around the Institute's key research and engagement priority areas. The funding will support non-academic stakeholder sabbaticals on a part-time basis, with an indicative budget of £25,000 per Fellowship, to cover the direct costs of staff time and any associated activities. There is an expectation that post-holders maintain a connection to the Institute for at least 3-6 months, and help expand its stakeholder network.

Looking for the Grantham Institute Fellowship scheme? Information can be found at Imperial jobs

Case study 

Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), used her Fellowship to spend one day a week at the Grantham Institute over eight months, working with Dr Ana Mijic from Civil and Environmental Engineering. Their project brought together the CCC’s policy knowledge and extensive stakeholder network, with Imperial’s research on blue-green solutions and the economic appraisal of co-benefits. It involved collecting the available evidence on the co-benefits of green infrastructure measures and working with Government departments and other public sector stakeholders to produce a simple, criteria-based decision tool which would enable the co-benefits and trade-offs of blue-green infrastructure to be quantified and integrated into policy appraisals. Kathryn’s research with us involved engaging a range of stakeholders, and culminated in a workshop at the Grantham Institute in September 2018.

For more insights into what the fellowship may involve, read reflections from Dr Jeff Hardy, Grantham Research Fellow 2016/17


  • The field of study or collaboration must be aligned to the Institute’s remit
  • The post-holder is required to maintain contact with the Institute throughout the fellowship
  • Proposals must demonstrate clear engagement opportunities that develop or increase the Institute’s stakeholder networks
  • Fellows are expected to deliver one or more engagement activities, informing decision making around their chosen focus

How to apply

As a first step applicants should contact an Affiliate they would like to sponsor them; applicants can make this approach themselves, or the Institute is happy to help make an introduction to a researcher in a relevant field. Once a project has been decided on, we encourage applicants to discuss their ideas with the Institute prior to submitting a proposal.

Please contact Laila Read, Scientific Projects Manager (, if you would like more information on the proposal process, or Alyssa Gilbert, Head of Policy and Translation (, to discuss a specific proposal.