Finance information

Bursary payments

NERC and Grantham funded students within the SSCP DTP will be provided with an annual stipend in line with RCUK rates (currently £17609). Bursary payments are made on the 7th of each month, covering the month ahead.

First year students must register before the 23rd of the month preceding the date in which your first bursary payment is made (i.e. you must have registered by 23 September to receive a bursary payment on 7 October). You can visit the Imperial website to find out more information on registration.

All fully funded SSCP DTP studentships are for a duration of 3.5 years. Extensions are only considered in exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case basis. Your participation to the SSCP DTP is taken into account when considering any requests.


NERC-funded SSCP DTP students will all receive consumables funding, which is paid directly to a dedicated account set up by the department to which they’re based. Students are responsible for liaising with the supervisor directly regarding the use of these funds during your PhD.

Your consumables funds will be transferred in tranches each year. The transfer is dependent on attendance of at least 80% of DTP events and submitting any required materials throughout the year. Every effort should be made to attend, but if you are ill or away on fieldwork you should notify the SSCP DTP Doctoral Training Coordinator as soon as possible to be noted as an authorised absence.

If your attendance falls below 80% without authorised absence, your consumables for the next year will be withheld.

Students attending a session in the Grantham Institute Boardroom


Some NERC-funded SSCP DTP students have an additional budget for fieldwork or exceptional lab costs. This is confirmed during selection by the DTP Board. Any fieldwork spend must be as described in the proposed budget, which was submitted by the lead supervisor along with the project description.

How to access your fieldwork funding:


Make purchases using one of your supervisor’s accounts (as agreed with them), and then email Christiane Morgan details of the amount spent, along with receipts / invoices. We will reimburse the account used via journal within one week.

Advance – Personal

If you travel overseas for fieldwork, or need to make a purchase that cannot be done through the Imperial purchasing systems (ICIS) you can request an advanced claim. A budget detailing projected spend for the claim should be submitted and an advance will be processed by the SSCP DTP Doctoral Training Coordinator. It is mandatory that the claimant then submits an expense claim (E1) as soon as possible after the completion of the trip/expense to offset the open advance. The Project Manager – Education will sign off the advance and settlement.

Please note, students are responsible for tracking their fieldwork spend and must ensure that all receipts detailing the goods purchased (not a credit card slip) and invoices are kept.

Students undertaking fieldwork at sea