There are a number of opportunities to get involved in throughout the year. These can range from participating in the Grantham Institute's podcast, taking on leadership positions in teams and committees and contributing to briefing and policy papers. 

Student/Staff Committee

Our student /staff committee was established as a way for our students to directly feed their ideas back to the DTP management acting as a voice for the cohort, as well as to provide opportunities for social interaction and collaboration. The committee for 2022 has been set up and members can be found via this link.

The committee meets quarterly and currently consists of representatives from each cohort, as well as the Project Manager - Education and Doctoral Training Coordinator, and an SSCP DTP Director. If you have ideas of events, socials or trips you'd like us to run, please email the relevant committee members.

The committee is responsible for key parts of the experience of the PhD and are your go-to if you want something organised within the DTP, and I would encourage everyone to participate in activities as much as possible."

Hamish Beath, Cohort 4

Connecting Your Research to Policy Makers

The Grantham Institute publishes a range of briefing papers to highlight the latest science to policy makers, businesses and civil society, to help make sure that scientific research has an impact.

We offer DTP students the opportunity to work on these papers, carrying our research on environmental or climate topics that might be a bit different than your PhD work. You will learn about communicating science to different audiences, broaden your writing skills and earn some money as a casual worker for 3 months. Alyssa Gilbert, our Director of Policy and Translation, will circulate opportunities when they become available.

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