Training and Development


Essential Skills Training

In the first year, all students attend a bespoke Essential Skills Training programme. These courses deliver training in areas prized by environmental sector employers but are equally applicable to careers outside of this sector. They will also increase your knowledge-base for your research.

Essential Skills Training is delivered as two day interactive, residential workshops, each led by an Imperial academic with input from a number of external speakers on the topics below:


Modelling, Risk & Uncertainty

Examples of specific applications from research and practice will be used to develop awareness of modelling including model hierarchies, assessment of model error, and design and diagnosis of experiments. We will also develop students’ ability to assess and make decisions in the context and presence of uncertainty, delivered by statisticians and economists working with external partners. 

Innovating for Sustainable Development In this course we explore sustainability issues by inviting key leaders from the business and scientific community, NGOs and government. Students are challenged to work on solutions for a low-carbon future, and are exposed to current innovators who impact and shape the world’s economy and environment.
Translating Research into Practice Working with business and policy-makers students will develop skills to communicate and apply science to inform decision-making in business and policy.  
Environmental Big Data  This two-day course focuses on using drones to map habitats. The course provides participants with the basic skills needed to take images collected from a UAV platform such as a quadcopter, process these into a scene suitable for image processing, and generate classified images. Students will gain skills to create high quality and spatially accurate habitat classification maps, using various types of software. 
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Imperial Residential Course

The Imperial Residential Course is a three day (two night) residential course run by the Imperial Graduate School. This bespoke course is designed for the SSCP DTP, taking place at Easthampstead Park. It is highly regarded among those who have completed the course with many students noting this as a highlight of the year.

The course aims to enhance personal and research effectiveness. The focus is very much on experiential learning achieved by a series of challenging group exercises. It is also a chance to get away from your normal working environment, and interact with your DTP cohort.

Topics include planning, project management, creativity in research, communication skills, group dynamics, networking and developing self-awareness. Links are made to the research environment and participants are encouraged to apply their new insights to their work.

Personally, the residential was an excellent cohort building exercise. The varied practical tasks, together with the social events, brought us closer together, and served as a timely reminder of the diversity and excellence of the projects that SCCP DTP students are engaged in."

Paul Huxley, Cohort 3

students taking part in team exercise