SSCP DTP Management Board

Dr Simon Bailey, Grantham Institute

Dr Andrew Hughes, British Geological Survey

Dr Enrico Biffis, Business School

Mr Richard Williams, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Dr Zen Makuch, Centre for Environmental Policy

Dr Jason Hallett, Chemical Engineering

Dr Rudiger Woscholski, Chemistry

Dr Adrian Butler, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Cedric John, Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Jon Lloyd, Life Sciences

Dr Colin Cotter, Mathematics

Dr Adrian Hines, Met Office

Dr Eileen Cox, Natural History Museum

Dr Helen Brindley, Physics

Dr Felix Forest, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Dr Kris Murray, School of Public Health

Professor Rosie Woodroffe, Zoological Society London

Staff-Student Committee

Our Staff-Student Committee was established as a way for students to feed their ideas back to the DTP management, acting as a voice for the cohort, as well as providing opportunities for social interaction and collaboration.

Student feedback is key to shaping our strategy for the SSCP DTP.

The committee consists of 10 student representatives, the DTP Project Manager, the DTP Administrator for Education, and an SSCP DTP Director, and meets quaterly.

To contact the SSCP DTP Student Committee, please email

Student Committee Members

Geraldine Satre Buisson

Geraldine Satre Buisson

Geraldine Satre Buisson
Seminar Series Rep



Staff-Student Committee Events Gallery

Hasting Hike Group Photo

Hasting Hike, March 2017

Hasting Hike River

Hasting Hike, March 2017

Hasting Hike Shore

Hasting Hike, June 2017

Summer Picnic Bench

Summer Picnic, June 2016

Summer Picnic Frisbee

Summer Picnic, June 2016

Summer Picnic Social

Summer Picnic, June 2016