If you have questions on any aspects of The Greenhouse, check out our FAQs below or please contact us at ccci@imperial.ac.uk.


I don’t currently have an incorporated business – can I still apply?

Yes, although you need to be able to incorporate your business within two weeks of joining the programme, should you be successful.

I am not currently working on my idea full-time – can I still apply?

Yes, although you need to commit to working on your venture full-time very soon (normally within a month) after joining. All the co-founders do not need to be working on the venture full-time, but at least one member of the team should be, with a clear path to working full-time for the others.

What’s in it for you?

  • Our mission at The Greenhouse is simple: to support the growth of young, sustainable, businesses looking to tackle climate change, with the objective of growing the pipeline of emerging, viable, impactful businesses that will go on to become commercially successful enterprises that have a positive impact on our climate.
  • We also simply really enjoy working with amazing entrepreneurs building great businesses. It’s a privilege and lots of fun!

Wait, you give me money, but don’t take any of my business? Really?

Yes, really!

If you don’t take equity in your startups, does it mean you are not concerned about commercial potential?

Not at all. While we don’t take any equity, we still select for commercial potential. Ultimately, if your business is not appealing to investors, customers etc, then it is unlikely to last very long, or will have very limited impact.

Do you have a preference for certain sectors?

No. We will judge each startup on its own merits. There is obviously a desire to diversify within any given cohort (e.g. we are unlikely to accept obvious competitors within the same cohort) but are otherwise very open.

Do we need to ‘repay’ any of the grants for ‘in-kind’ services?

No. All the coaching, masterclasses, workshops, mentoring, office space etc are additional benefits of the programme, and not chargeable. Each startup keeps the entirety of the grants awarded to them.

Can we participate in other support programmes while participating in The Greenhouse?

Potentially. The Greenhouse requires commitment from all its participants, and it may be distracting to be involved in too many programmes. We will discuss this with participants and are generally very open to our startups also being able to receive support from other avenues.

Do you sponsor visas?

Not yet unfortunately.

Why are you called The Greenhouse? Is that just a fancy name for an accelerator?

Our previous programme was called an accelerator, but we realised that this conflated our programme with the many other accelerators that are out there, which are run very differently to our programme. We decided to move away from that name, and we think that the concept of a “Greenhouse” does a good job of communicating the nature and spirit of our activities!