Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) refers to the set of technologies developed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the exhausts of power stations and from other industrial sources, the infrastructure for handling and transporting CO2, and the technologies for injecting and storing the CO2 in deep geological formations.

A major neglected area of research and policy is the large fraction of global greenhouse gas emissions due to industrial processes that cannot be - or can only be at huge expense - electrified and therefore decarbonised through provision of low-carbon electricity. 

The field of industrial emissions is broad.  There is a strong effort to assess the major mitigation technologies, energy efficiency, process re-engineering and materials substitution options for heavy industry, as well as the institutional and behavioural obstacles and the policy levers required to meet globally ambitious mitigation targets.  Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) will be a critical technology for decarbonising industry.


Dr Tamaryn Napp discusses global industrial carbon emissions and how they could be reduced.

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