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  • Journal article
    Marsh CJ, Ewers RM, 2013,

    A fractal-based sampling design for ecological surveys quantifying β-diversity

    , METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, Vol: 4, Pages: 63-72, ISSN: 2041-210X
  • Journal article
    Ewen J, O'Donnell G, Bulygina N, Ballard C, O'Connell Eet al., 2013,

    Towards understanding links between rural land management and the catchment flood hydrograph

  • Journal article
    Clements T, Rainey H, An D, Rours V, Tan S, Thong S, Sutherland WJ, Milner-Gulland EJet al., 2013,

    An evaluation of the effectiveness of a direct payment for biodiversity conservation: The Bird Nest Protection Program in the Northern Plains of Cambodia

    , BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, Vol: 157, Pages: 50-59, ISSN: 0006-3207
  • Journal article
    Meinen CS, Johns WE, Garzoli SL, van Sebille E, Rayner D, Kanzow T, Baringer MOet al., 2013,

    Variability of the Deep Western Boundary Current at 26.5°N during 2004-2009

  • Journal article
    Sutherland WJ, Freckleton RP, Godfray HCJ, Beissinger SR, Benton T, Cameron DD, Carmel Y, Coomes DA, Coulson T, Emmerson MC, Hails RS, Hays GC, Hodgson DJ, Hutchings MJ, Johnson D, Jones JPG, Keeling MJ, Kokko H, Kunin WE, Lambin X, Lewis OT, Malhi Y, Mieszkowska N, Milner-Gulland EJ, Norris K, Phillimore AB, Purves DW, Reid JM, Reuman DC, Thompson K, Travis JMJ, Turnbull LA, Wardle DA, Wiegand Tet al., 2013,

    Identification of 100 fundamental ecological questions

    , JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY, Vol: 101, Pages: 58-67, ISSN: 0022-0477
  • Journal article
    McRobie FH, Wang L-P, Onof C, Kenney Set al., 2013,

    A spatial-temporal rainfall generator for urban drainage design

    , WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Vol: 68, Pages: 240-249, ISSN: 0273-1223
  • Journal article
    Donaghey JE, Sohn E-H, Ashraf RS, Anthopoulos TD, Watkins SE, Song K, Williams CK, McCulloch Iet al., 2013,

    Pyrroloindacenodithiophene polymers: the effect of molecular structure on OFET performance

    , POLYMER CHEMISTRY, Vol: 4, Pages: 3537-3544, ISSN: 1759-9954
  • Journal article
    Todman LC, Ireson AM, Butler AP, Templeton MRet al., 2013,

    Modelling vapor flow from a pervaporative irrigation system

    , Vadose Zone Journal
  • Conference paper
    Hannon MJ, Bolton RPG, 2013,

    More than just business? Local Authority engagement with the Energy Service Company (ESCo) business model and implications for UK energy system change

    , Urban energy governances, North and South; International roundtable seminar
  • Report
    Hannon MJ, 2013,

    UKERC Energy Research Atlas: Socio-Economic Issues

  • Software
    AMCG, 2013,

    Fluidity/The Imperial College Ocean Model

  • Journal article
    Jacobs CT, Collins GS, Piggott MD, Kramer SC, Wilson CRGet al., 2013,

    Multiphase flow modelling of volcanic ash particle settling in water using adaptive unstructured meshes

    , Geophysical Journal International, Vol: 192, Pages: 647-665

    Small-scale experiments of volcanic ash particle settling in water have demonstrated that ash particles can either settle slowly and individually, or rapidly and collectively as a gravitationally unstable ash-laden plume. This has important implications for the emplacement of tephra deposits on the seabed. Numerical modelling has the potential to extend the results of laboratory experiments to larger scales and explore the conditions under which plumes may form and persist, but many existing models are computationally restricted by the fixed mesh approaches that they employ. In contrast, this paper presents a new multiphase flow model that uses an adaptive unstructured mesh approach. As a simulation progresses, the mesh is optimized to focus numerical resolution in areas important to the dynamics and decrease it where it is not needed, thereby potentially reducing computational requirements. Model verification is performed using the method of manufactured solutions, which shows the correct solution convergence rates. Model validation and application considers 2-D simulations of plume formation in a water tank which replicate published laboratory experiments. The numerically predicted settling velocities for both individual particles and plumes, as well as instability behaviour, agree well with experimental data and observations. Plume settling is clearly hindered by the presence of a salinity gradient, and its influence must therefore be taken into account when considering particles in bodies of saline water. Furthermore, individual particles settle in the laminar flow regime while plume settling is shown (by plume Reynolds numbers greater than unity) to be in the turbulent flow regime, which has a significant impact on entrainment and settling rates. Mesh adaptivity maintains solution accuracy while providing a substantial reduction in computational requirements when compared to the same simulation performed using a fixed mesh, highlighting the benefits of an adapt

  • Journal article
    Hassan MHA, Johnson HD, Allison PA, Abdullah WHet al., 2013,

    Sedimentology and stratigraphic development of the upper Nyalu Formation (Early Miocence), Sarawak, Malaysia: A mixed wave and tide influenced coastal system

    , Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
  • Journal article
    Hayes-Labruto L, Schillebeeckx SJD, Workman M, Shah Net al., 2013,

    Contrasting Perspectives on China's Rare Earth Policies: Reframing the Debate through a Stakeholder Lens

    , Energy Policy

    This article critically compares China’s rare earth policy with perspectives upheld in the rest of the world (ROW). We introduce rare earth elements and their importance for energy and present how China and the ROW are framing the policy debate. We find strongly dissonant views with regards to motives for foreign direct investment, China’s two-tiered pricing structure and its questionable innovation potential. Using the metaphor of “China Inc.”, we compare the Chinese government to a socially responsible corporation that aims to balance the needs of its internal stakeholders with the demands from a resource-dependent world. We find that China’s internal stakeholders have more power and legitimacy in the REE debate than the ROW and reconceptualise various possible mitigation strategies that could change current international policy and market dynamics. As such, we aim to reframe the perspectives that seem to govern the West and argue in favour of policy formation that explicitly acknowledges China’s triple bottom line ambitions and encourages the ROW to engage with China in a more nuanced manner.

  • Journal article
    Allen PA, Armitage JJ, Carter A, Duller RA, Michael NA, Sinclair HD, Whitchurch ALet al., 2013,

    The Qs problem: Sediment volumetric balance of proximal foreland basin systems

    , SEDIMENTOLOGY, Vol: 60, Pages: 102-130
  • Journal article
    Vaissier V, Barnes P, Kirkpatrick J, Nelson Jet al., 2013,

    Influence of polar medium on the reorganization energy of charge transfer between dyes in a dye sensitized film

    , PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, Vol: 15, Pages: 4804-4814, ISSN: 1463-9076
  • Journal article
    Brandt A, Grasvik J, Hallett JP, Welton Tet al., 2013,

    Deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass with ionic liquids

    , Green Chem., Vol: 15, Pages: 550-583-550-583

    This paper reviews the application of ionic liquids to the deconstruction and fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass, in a process step that is commonly called pretreatment. It is divided into four parts: the first gives background information on lignocellulosic biomass and ionic liquids; the second focuses on the solubility of lignocellulosic biomass (and the individual biopolymers within it) in ionic liquids; the third emphasises the deconstruction effects brought about by the use of ionic liquids as a solvent; the fourth part deals with practical considerations regarding the design of ionic liquid based deconstruction processes.

  • Journal article
    Ryder CL, Highwood EJ, Rosenberg PD, Trembath J, Brooke JK, Bart M, Dean A, Crosier J, Dorsey J, Brindley H, Banks J, Marsham JH, McQuaid JB, Sodemann H, Washington Ret al., 2013,

    Optical properties of Saharan dust aerosol and contribution from the coarse mode as measured during the Fennec 2011 aircraft campaign

    , ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, Vol: 13, Pages: 303-325, ISSN: 1680-7316
  • Journal article
    Charman DJ, Beilman DW, Blaauw M, Booth RK, Brewer S, Chambers FM, Christen JA, Gallego-Sala A, Harrison SP, Hughes PDM, Jackson ST, Korhola A, Mauquoy D, Mitchell FJG, Prentice IC, van der Linden M, De Vleeschouwer F, Yu ZC, Alm J, Bauer IE, Corish YMC, Garneau M, Hohl V, Huang Y, Karofeld E, Le Roux G, Loisel J, Moschen R, Nichols JE, Nieminen TM, MacDonald GM, Phadtare NR, Rausch N, Sillasoo U, Swindles GT, Tuittila E-S, Ukonmaanaho L, Valiranta M, van Bellen S, van Geel B, Vitt DH, Zhao Yet al., 2013,

    Climate-related changes in peatland carbon accumulation during the last millennium

    , BIOGEOSCIENCES, Vol: 10, Pages: 929-944, ISSN: 1726-4170
  • Journal article
    Hadden RM, Rein G, Belcher CM, 2013,

    Study of the competing chemical reactions in the initiation and spread of smouldering combustion in peat

    , PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE, Vol: 34, Pages: 2547-2553, ISSN: 1540-7489
  • Book chapter
    Reich S, Cotter CJ, 2013,

    Ensemble filter techniques for intermittent data assimilation

    , Large Scale Inverse Problems. Computational Methods and Applications in the Earth Sciences, Editors: Cullen, Freitag, Kindermann, Scheichl, Publisher: Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, Pages: 1-46
  • Journal article
    Jones GA, Kendall J-M, Bastow ID, Raymer DGet al., 2013,

    On locating microseismic events using borehole data

    , Geophysical Prospecting, Pages: 1-16
  • Conference paper
    Bertolli C, Betts A, Mudalige GR, Loriant N, Ham D, Giles MB, Kelly PHJet al., 2013,

    Compiler optimizations for industrial unstructured mesh CFD applications on GPUs

    , International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC), Publisher: Springer, Pages: 112-126
  • Book chapter
    Waterman RJ, Klooster MR, Hentrich H, Bidartondo MIet al., 2013,

    Species interactions of mycoheterotrophic plants: specialization and its potential consequences.

    , Mycoheterotrophy, Editors: Merckx, New York, Publisher: Springer, Pages: 267-296, ISBN: 978-1-4614-5209-6
  • Book chapter
    St John FAV, Keane AM, Milner-Gulland EJ, 2013,

    Effective conservation depends on understanding human behaviour

    , Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2, Editors: Macdonald, Willis, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, ISBN: 978-0-470-65875-8
  • Conference paper
    Bell RE, Jackson CA-L, Elliott G, Gawthorpe RL, Michelsen L, Sharp IRet al., 2013,

    Reconstructing rift geometry to gain insights into major unconformity development associated with Late Jurassic rifting in the Halten Terrace, offshore Norway

    , 30th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology
  • Conference paper
    Voulvoulis N, 2013,


    , 13th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST), Publisher: GLOBAL NEST, SECRETARIAT, ISSN: 1106-5516
  • Conference paper
    Kokoni S, Skea J, 2013,


    , 13th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST), Publisher: GLOBAL NEST, SECRETARIAT, ISSN: 1106-5516
  • Journal article
    Scussolini P, van Sebille E, Durgadoo JV, 2013,

    Paleo Agulhas rings enter the subtropical gyre during the penultimate deglaciation

    , CLIMATE OF THE PAST, Vol: 9, Pages: 2631-2639, ISSN: 1814-9324
  • Conference paper
    Krevor S, Pini R, Benson SM, 2013,

    Measurement of the multiphase flow properties of the CO<sub>2</sub>/brine system for carbon sequestration

    , International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT), Publisher: ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, Pages: 4499-4503, ISSN: 1876-6102

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