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AB - Motivated by finite element spaces used for representation of temperature in the compatible fi-nite element approach for numerical weather prediction, we introduce locally bounded transportschemes for (partially-)continuous finite element spaces. The underlying high-order transportscheme is constructed by injecting the partially-continuous field into an embedding discontinuousfinite element space, applying a stable upwind discontinuous Galerkin (DG) scheme, and projectingback into the partially-continuous space; we call this an embedded DG transport scheme. Weprove that this scheme is stable in L2 provided that the underlying upwind DG scheme is. Wethen provide a framework for applying limiters for embedded DG transport schemes. StandardDG limiters are applied during the underlying DG scheme. We introduce a new localised form ofelement-based flux-correction which we apply to limiting the projection back into the partiallycontinuousspace, so that the whole transport scheme is bounded. We provide details in the specificcase of tensor-product finite element spaces on wedge elements that are discontinuous P1/Q1 inthe horizontal and continuous P2 in the vertical. The framework is illustrated with numericaltests.
AU - Cotter,CJ
AU - Kuzmin,D
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TI - Embedded discontinuous Galerkin transport schemes with localised limiters
T2 - Journal of Computational Physics
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