FAIR SPACE Webinar Series: From PPE to Spacesuits

Online in September & October 2020

An hour of insights and interaction with astronauts, spacesuit makers and industry

Future of wearables: clothing as technological objects

PPE (personal protective equipment) has gained a lot of press recently. But what is PPE? PPE is a collection of garments, wearable items designed for protection. Clothing has been one of the earliest technology humans invented. We now mostly see clothing as a social object rather than a technological object – except it is the other way round for PPEs and spacesuits. In a four-part series, we explore the different aspects of technical garments (in both PPEs and spacesuits) with practicing experts in relation to the current pandemic and explore key issues such as, 'what are the desirable future developments for such garments?' As technology gets more intertwined with health and wellbeing, this webinar series provides far-reaching insights into the complexity of technologies from robotic surgery to assistive wearables.

The 'Webinar Series: From PPE to Spacesuits' will take place in September & October 2020 online.


Hosted by Imperial College London, FAIR-SPACE, the Hamlyn Centre & PanSurg