AccessAll equipment items are managed by the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, which has over 60 full-time researchers actively pursuing medical robot and image guided intervention. The facility is in partnership with Departments of Computing, Physics, Surgery and Mechanical Engineering, where some of the items are housed in their specialist laboratories.

The Hamlyn Centre is at the forefront of developing innovative yet accessible healthcare technologies that can reshape the future of medicine and expand the UK research base internationally. It links across academic departments throughout the College and has dedicated space for engineering, clinical and pre-clinical research and development.

The equipment is accessible to both academic and industrial organisations. In order to access the facility, please contact Salzitsa Anastasova-Ivanova. We offer:

  • A transparent booking and charging system
  • Participation to training and research exchange events
  • Design competition and proof-of-concept projects supported by the Hamlyn Centre
  • Expert support for 3D design, rapid-prototyping, and all micro-engineering related technical issues
  • Confidentiality in cases of sensitive IP is involved 
  • Regular newsletter with featured projects, research highlights, funding opportunities and new application examples