Fibre Optics, Ablation Laser and Micro-Imaging

Equipment Introduction

Fusion Splicer: Fujikura Arc Master FSM-100

Fusion Splicer: Fujikura Arc Master FSM-100
The Arc Master provides a fibre clamping system that accommodates optical fibre ranges from 60 to 2000μm for cladding or coating without changing v-grooves or fibre clamps.

The fibre positioning system incorporates multiple fibre and electrode positioning techniques to provide versatility for splicing LDF, heat sensitive or small diameter fibres. Alignment and splicing capabilities are possible with virtually any PM fibre type.

Longer fibre tapering application is possible. Incorporating PAS (cold fibre image) and WSI (warm image) technologies, the optical analysis system provides a number of advanced features including improved loss estimation capabilities, fibre image performance with both LDF, small or heat sensitive fibres.

UV Confocal Laser Scanner Fluorescence System, Thorlabs

UV Confocal Laser Scanner Fluorescence System, Thorlabs
The Confocal Laser Scanning (CLS) Microscopy Systems consist of compact imaging modules specifically designed for infinity-corrected compound microscopes. They provide the ability to acquire high-resolution optical sections from within a thick sample or to reduce background fluorescence from a thin culture.

The CLS systems offer integration to upright or inverted microscopes with access to an intermediate image plane (e.g., a camera port) via a C-Mount threading. The included software has a graphical interface that allows data to be quickly recorded and reviewed while providing sophisticated peripheral controls for image acquisition.

Optical Spectrum Analyser: Thorlabs Fourier transform OSA

This is a general-purpose instrument that determines the optical power of a light source as a function of wavelength. The system acquires the spectrum via a Fourier transform using a scanning Michelson interferometer in a push/pull configuration.

This approach dramatically improves the acquisition time, provides a full-featured OSA, and enables a high-precision wavelength meter mode with ±1 part-per-million accuracy (i.e., 7 significant figures). The system is designed to measure CW light sources but also works in some applications where a pulsed light source is used.

Fibre Polisher: KrellTech SpecPro

The system is designed to yield singlemode performance for R&D and medical applications. Up to four components can be simultaneously polished, including industry standard connectors, multifibre ferrules, MIL-spec termini, optical bundles, endoscopes and bare fibres.

It is well suited for repairing and retro-polishing damaged connectors. It includes a Video Inspection System that allows for in-line viewing of fibre finishes.