What are the formal steps required for me to access the facility?

  • You will need to contact the Acting Facilities Manager, Florent Seichepine. Our engineers will review your design first and then get back with a detailed quotation and lead-time for completing the task. For internal users, you will be asked for a GL account code for the job to be charged to, whereas for external users, a PO needs to be raised before we can start the job. Each job is charged according to the setup up time, machine usage, consumables used and shipping charges. We can also offer design assistance and post-processing. 

Can I come and operate the machine myself?

  • Unfortunately not at this stage. This is mainly due to the complexity of all the machines involved and extensive training required, as well as other H&S issues. Most of the systems offered by the Centre, particularly 3D printing, offer batch processing, by combining all the jobs submitted and thoroughly checked by our experienced design engineers, we can ensure the facility is run seamlessly and efficiently.

Do you offer special rates to academic research projects?

  • All research related projects by academic research institutions will automatically receive a discount and we only charge direct costs involved.

I am a new academic/student, I don’t have any budget but like to explore some new ideas in micro-engineering, what support can I get?

  • Each year, we offer a design competition and proof-of-concept projects supported by the Hamlyn Centre. The design competition will be held each year at the Hamlyn Symposium for the creative use of the facility. We will support each year up to five proof-of-concept projects with all costs associated with facility usage, technical support and consumables fully covered. This will bring multi-disciplinary research groups together, establish pilot study data and seed new project ideas that will lead to major research grants, which are essential for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the facility.

The design I have got is highly confidential, are there potential risks involved?

  • We have clear guidelines on confidentiality and user IP protection in place.

Do you arrange open days so that I can come see all the equipment and understand the capabilities?

  • We arrange an open-day each year in October, as well as regular training workshops and research exchange seminars. Please check the event calendar of this website. Most events are free and booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. By registering as a user group member, you also have access to extensive online teaching/ training materials.

Does the facility only support micro-engineering projects related to medical robotics?

  • Not necessarily, any topics covered by EPSRC involving micro-engineering can be supported. However, we give priority to medical robotics related projects, particularly for the development of micro-instrument and robots for minimally invasive surgery. Example areas include gastrointestinal, endovascular, urology, neuro-oncology and neurovascular, as well as paediatric and foetal therapy.

Do you offer consultancy service?

  • Yes, we offer a range of services to both academic and industrial partners from 3D design, rapid-prototyping, to equipment access. Please contact our Head of the Research Facilities Florent Seichepine for more information.