Reshaping the Future of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment with Robotic Technologies

With advances in imaging and robotics technologies, new surgical procedures and treatment methods are transforming medical diagnosis and treatment solutions. These technologies enhance visual access and accurate surgeries that are minimally invasive and more accessible to patients worldwide. 

The Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Centre brings the worlds of medicine and robotics together, focusing on technological innovation with a string emphasis on clinical translation and direct patient benefits. The Centre serves as a synergistic platform for clinicians, engineers, and researchers from local and overseas universities, including ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, and Johns Hopkins University, to work together and forge new ways to translate biomedical engineering research innovations into medical practices. 

The Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Centre will support three research programmes:

  • Endoluminal multi-scale robotic platforms for diagnostics and therapeutics, to develop a robotic endoscopic platform for advanced endoluminal surgery, including a flexible soft robot for gastrointestinal cancer treatment and a single-incision soft robotics system. 
  • Magnetic-guided endoluminal robotic platform, to focus on magnetic-guided endoscope for complete small bowel examinations and the treatment of small bowel diseases, micro-/nanorobotics and clinical applications and magnetic guided soft tethered capsule endoscopy for upper/lower gastrointestinal diagnostics.
  • Image-guided robotic interventions to develop image-based automation in robotic surgery including high performance robotic systems for intra-operative MRI-guided interventions, image-guided robotic platform for minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery and a low-cost surgical robotic arm system for universal surgeries. 

In the long run, the Centre will serve as a medical robotics incubation hub to foster medical technology start-ups, provide training in the areas of fully integrated approaches and use of robotic technologies, pre-clinical design and intraoperative use of medical robots.  

“The transdisciplinary team, consisting of clinicians, engineers and researchers across universities in Hong Kong and worldwide, will work together on the synergistic platform created by this Centre to forge new ways to translate biomedical engineering research innovations into medical technology advances. The inventions will be applicable to both pre-clinical and clinical practices to promote development of advances medical robots and instil confidence in patients towards the adoption of these innovations.” MRC Logo
Professor Philip Wai Yan Chiu and Professor Samel Kwok Wai A, Directors of the Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Centre