Cohort 2021

We have received 17 applications across the college, with several applications with a clinical lead. Each application was assessed with a point-based system in a two-stage review process. The first stage with internal reviewers (4 reviewers with one clinical expert), while the second stage, the assessment was performed in a pitch style format in front of a panel of established experts in the field of MedTech:

  • Clinical Expert: Ms Celia Theodoreli Riga [link]
  • Technical Expert: Prof Esther Rodriguez Villegas [link]
  • Technical Expert: Dr Mihalo Ristic [link]
  • Medical Device Industry from large corporate: Mr Paul Fielder, Renishaw plc [link]
  • NIHR business development: Dr Ivana Poparic [link]
  • Medtech Business Strategy: Dr Omar Butt [link]
  • Medtech Innovation: Mr Hiten Thakrar [link]
  • Clinical Expert: Dr Christopher Peters [link]
  • Regulatory: Mrs Anne Roche [link]

The HASI has awarded funding to 5 projects:

  • NCAMIS: Novel Clip Applicator for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • DEBI: Mechanical device to reduce needle deflection in biopsies
  • GLOWII: Guiding Light Optimising Wide Local Excisions
  • ILR: Imperial Implantable Electro-Mechanical Coupling Loop Recorder: In-vivo human testing
  • SMRTFLO: Development of a smart tool for the comprehensive assessment of the diabetic foot including diagnosis of poor circulation in people with diabetes