A primary motivation of our research is the monitoring of physical, physiological, and biochemical parameters - in any environment and without activity restriction and behaviour modification - through using miniaturised, wireless Body Sensor Networks (BSN). Key research issues that are currently being addressed include novel sensor designs, ultra-low power microprocessor and wireless platforms, energy scavenging, biocompatibility, system integration and miniaturisation, processing-on-node technologies combined with novel ASIC design, autonomic sensor networks and light-weight communication protocols. Our research is aimed at addressing the future needs of life-long health, wellbeing and healthcare, particularly those related to demographic changes associated with an ageing population and patients with chronic illnesses. This research theme is therefore closely aligned with the IGHI’s vision of providing safe, effective and accessible technologies for both developed and developing countries.

Some of our latest works were exhibited at the 2015 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.


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AB - Patients going home following major surgery are susceptible to complications such as wound infection, abscess formation, malnutrition, poor analgesia, and depression, all of which can develop after the fifth postoperative day and slow recovery. Although current hospital recovery monitoring systems are effective during perioperative and early postoperative periods, they cannot be used when the patient is at home. Measuring and quantifying home recovery is currently a subjective and labor-intensive process. This case report highlights the development and piloting of a wireless body sensor network to monitor postoperative recovery at home in patients undergoing abdominal surgery. The device consists of wearable sensors (vital signs, motion) combined with miniaturized computers wirelessly linked to each other, thus allowing continuous monitoring of patients in a pervasive (unobtrusive) manner in any environment. Initial pilot work with results in both the simulated (with volunteers) and the real home environment (with patients) is presented.
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