Technologies for Global Health

Focusing on technological innovation but with a strong emphasis on clinical translation and direct patient benefit with a global impact, the centre is at the forefront of research in imaging, sensing and robotics for addressing global health challenges associated with demographic, environment, social and economic changes. 

As part of the Institute of Global Health Innovation, one important mission of the Hamlyn Centre is to improve health through innovation and reduce health inequalities worldwide. By utilising Imperial College's rich history of scientific excellence and world-leading expertise across science, medicine, business and engineering, we harness a multidisciplinary approach to develop and communicate new technological, process- based and business model innovations. Through interdisciplinary working with engineers, scientists, clinicians, designers, international and national partners and policy makers, we aim to help the development and diffusion of global innovation across policy and healthcare.

At the Hamlyn Centre, our staff and students play an important role to:

  • Identify, develop and accelerate innovations with the capacity to meet new health challenges;
  • Develop technologies for effective implementation of evidence-based healthcare policy;
  • Create high-impact and patient-centred solutions to the broadest spectrum of global healthcare challenges;
  • Reshape the future of healthcare delivery with the translation of cutting-edge clinical, technological and scientific research.

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