Imperial students on an expedition

Whether it's the world beyond our shores or the community on our doorstep, our students play an important part in upholding our commitment to making the world a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live.

Laura Jackson, an undergraduate Geology student at Imperial College London, talks about what led her to choose this branch of Earth Science and what she’s enjoyed most about her course so far.


We want our graduates to use their Imperial education to change the world. To prepare you, you'll have lots of opportunities to experience the world around you and understand the contribution that you can make.

Depending on your course, this may be through overseas fieldwork or study/research or work placements abroad.

Or it might be through opportunities outside of the classroom, such as volunteering, joining one of our charitable student societies, or campaigning about an issue you're passionate about.

Our undergraduates have the chance to explore tackling some of the world's biggest environmental and social challenges through the Global Challenges option of Imperial Horizons.

Also check out the Imperial women who are making their own contribution to progress by launching new and exciting ideas into the world.

Change the world


Take on global challenges

Some of our female researchers are tackling society’s biggest problems – like the spread of malaria.

Read more about Imperial's Dr Lauren Cator, who was inspired by a trip to Tanzania to help stop the spread of mosquito transmitted diseases.

Becky on her year abroad in Germany

Travel the world

Meet some of our students who have studied abroad as part of their degree.

Roma Agrawal

Achieve international success

Read more about Roma Agrawal, who has gone from the beaches of India to the Shard in London, via a degree from Imperial.