Imperial students don’t just study hard. They also use their free time to make a different locally, nationally and globally. With hundreds of societies to choose from, here are just a few that will allow you to give something back.

Here are five ways you can give back at Imperial. You can also find many more by visiting our A–Z list of student activities.

Global Brigades

Global Brigades teamSpend your summer in Central America or Africa bringing medical supplies to under-resourced communities joining by the world’s largest student-led health and development movement, Global Brigades.

Engineering Change

Engineering Change team Put your skills to use solving real world problems.

Whether its designing fisheries in Mauritius, developing specialised equipment for disabled people in the UK or bringing clean cooking facilities to Tanzania, there’s something for everyone through this student-led charity.

Project Nepal

Project Nepal teamFancy white-water rafting, elephant riding and paragliding, all whilst making a difference in a developing country?

Join Project Nepal in raising money to improve education and in person. You might even make it to Mount Everest Base Camp!

RED Project Borneo

Red Project Borneo teamHead to Borneo and help to bringing sustainable educational development to rural communities through the Rural Education Development (RED) Project.

Each summer, a group of Imperial students lead a project to fund, design and construct education centres, with the aim of teaching starting soon.

Pimlico Connection

A Pimlico Connection tutor working in a schoolYou don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to make a difference.

Why not tutor students in local schools through the Pimlico Connection?