Biomedical Engineering students in the lab

If you love science and maths you'll find plenty of people like you at Imperial. Imperial’s focus on science, engineering, medicine and business creates a specialist community of learners which is unique in the UK.

Imperial College London is the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on science, engineering, medicine and business. That means you can study what you love with people who love it too.


As part of the Imperial family, you have the chance to study something you're passionate about alongside people who are passionate about it too.

And with such a specialist focus, you'll find no shortage of ways to nurture your interests both inside and outside the classroom.

Our STEM specialism is one of our greatest strengths but it's not the only thing that makes us successful.

That's why we aim to recruit from the widest possible pool – people who can contribute a wide variety of individual talents, on top of their love of science.

In fact, the spectrum of backgrounds, nationalities and cultures represented within our student community makes it one of the most diverse environments you are ever likely to experience.

This diversity is also reflected in the number of student-run clubs, societies and projects offered within the Students' Union – at more than 370 it's one of the largest ranges of any UK university.