CMS Upgrade

Geoff Hall, Mark Raymond, Greg Iles, M Pesaresi, A Rose, A Tapper

The CMS detector will be upgraded over the next decade to allow it to continue to take data, perhaps until beyond 2030. As the LHC machine has been so successful it will allow us to take much more data, certainly with the hope that new discoveries will be made but also with the goal of measuring Standard Model physics and the recently discovered Higgs boson as precisely as possible. Even if new particles are not found, they may be identified indirectly by means of deviations from expectations in the Higgs decay rates or in other rare processes.

To allow CMS to continue to operate, the Tracker must be replaced because it will eventually be so heavily irradiated that its performance will degrade. Therefore the Tracker and the Level-1 Trigger will be replaced and substantially improved, taking advantage of technology improvements since CMS was originally designed.