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AB - As part of its HL-LHC upgrade program, the CMS collaboration is replacing its existing endcap calorimeters with a high-granularity calorimeter (CE). The new calorimeter is a sampling calorimeter with unprecedented transverse and longitudinal readout for both electromagnetic and hadronic compartments. Due to its compactness, intrinsic time resolution, and radiation hardness, silicon has been chosen as active material for the regions exposed to higher radiation levels. The silicon sensors are fabricated as 20 cm (8") wide hexagonal wafers and are segmented into several hundred pads which are read out individually. As part of the sensor qualification strategy, 8"sensor irradiation with neutrons has been conducted at the Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC) and followed by their electrical characterisation in 2020-21. The completion of this important milestone in the CE's R&D program is documented in this paper and it provides detailed account of the associated infrastructure and procedures. The results on the electrical properties of the irradiated CE silicon sensors are presented.
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