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AB - An analysis of solar neutrino data from the fourth phase of Super-Kamiokande (SK-IV) from October 2008 to May 2018 is performed and the results are presented. The observation time of the dataset of SK-IV corresponds to 2970 days and the total live time for all four phases is 5805 days. For more precise solar neutrino measurements, several improvements are applied in this analysis: lowering the data acquisition threshold in May 2015, further reduction of the spallation background using neutron clustering events, precise energy reconstruction considering the time variation of the PMT gain. The observed number of solar neutrino events in 3.49-19.49 MeV electron kinetic energy region during SK-IV is 65,443-388+390(stat.)±925(syst.) events. Corresponding B8 solar neutrino flux is (2.314±0.014(stat.)±0.040(syst.))×106 cm-2 s-1, assuming a pure electron-neutrino flavor component without neutrino oscillations. The flux combined with all SK phases up to SK-IV is (2.336±0.011(stat.)±0.043(syst.))×106 cm-2 s-1. Based on the neutrino oscillation analysis from all solar experiments, including the SK 5805 days dataset, the best-fit neutrino oscillation parameters are sin2θ12,solar=0.306±0.013 and Δm21,solar2=(6.10-0.81+0.95)×10-5 eV2, with a deviation of about 1.5σ from the Δm212 parameter obtained by KamLAND. The best-fit neutrino oscillation parameters obtained from all solar experiments and KamLAND are sin2θ12,global=0.307±0.012 and Δm21,global2=(7.50-0.18+0.19)×10-5 eV2.
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