Learn lean entrepreneurship skills and develop a business model that converts an inconvenience into a business opportunity

Module details

  • Offered to 1st years
  • Tuesdays 16.00-18.00
  • South Kensington Campus
  • 8 weeks (autumn or spring term)
  • Non-credit only
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This module introduces you to the defining concepts of entrepreneurship. It introduces you to the concepts of how to be innovative and entrepreneurial in both large (existing) and small (emerging) organisational settings. These sessions will form the basis for your on-going understanding and development of entrepreneurial competencies, in particular the management of success, failure and outcomes in an environment of high risk and low resources. The module is thus as relevant to those planning to join an existing organisation as it is to those planning to start their own emerging business.

Information blocks

Learning outcomes

  • Examine key intellectual concepts in relation to entrepreneurialism.
  • Understand how entrepreneurial opportunities are discovered, evaluated, and pursued.
  • Integrate concepts using self-directed primary and secondary research.
  • Present individual and group work to your peers and respond to constructive feedback from facilitator and other learners.
  • Develop and integrate individual work into an aggregated group entrepreneurialism project.

Indicative Core Content

LaptopThe module comprises seven thematic sessions plus a wrap-up session:

  • Session 1: Types and Sources of Entrepreneurs

Introduction to the course. Who is an entrepreneur? What do entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurship Challenge.

  • Session 2: Creativity Game

  • Session 3: From Problem to Opportunity

Types and sources of opportunity. Opportunity identification and assessment. Guest speaker.

  • Session 4: Crafting Business Ideas

Validation Board. Guest speaker

  • Lecture 5: Designing Experiments

Designing experiments to validate assumptions.

  • Lecture 6: Leveraging Ecosystems

Entrepreneurial ecosystems. Resources available for entrepreneurs. Guest speaker.

  • Lecture 7: Crafting the Business Idea: Enterprise Lab Session

Constructing a pitch. Performance Simulator.

  • Lecture 8: Pitching Session








  • Case study-based group assignment (no more than 2,500 words) (90%)
  • Peer assessment (10%)

Please note that 75% attendance is required to pass the course.

Key information

  • ECTS value: 0
  • Requirements: You must be prepared to attend all classes and to spend about an hour a week preparing for each session
  • This module is designed as an undergraduate Level 4 course. See Imperial Horizons level descriptors [pdf]
"Excellent course."
"It was a nice module, not too intensive but has a good amount of information. I like that we make our own business idea and go through the process."