Hack Space

A rapid module in interdisciplinary prototyping at the Advanced Hackspace

Module details

Offered to 1st years
Tuesdays 16.30-18.30
8 weeks (autumn or spring term)
Non-credit only

How to enrol

Open to all disciplines - in this module students are introduced to the Advanced Hackspace resources and the basics of prototyping through a practical group project. You will explore basic prototyping technologies, including computer aided design (Fusion 360), 3D-printing, laser cutting, Arduino microcontroller programming and an introduction to biohacking.

*Please note: This module will take place on Tuesdays from 16.30-18.30 in the Advanced Hackspace at Imperial White City Campus.

Information blocks

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, you will have:

  • Acquired basic transferable skills in physical prototyping.
  • Experienced ideation: how to go from a technical challenge to developing a viable solution.
  • Gained confidence in converting ideas into physical prototypes.
  • Acquired experience in breaking down disciplinary boundaries through ideation and team forming exercises.
  • Developed skills in communicating project goals and outcomes through group presentations and posters.

Indicative Core Content

Hack Space

You will be introduced, through worked examples, to basic prototyping technologies, including computer aided design (Fusion 360), 3D-printing, laser cutting, Arduino and physical computing.

You will then create interdisciplinary teams to design and build prototypes that address a cross-disciplinary challenge. The challenge is designed to encourage students from different departments to work together. You will deploy the prototyping tools in the context of your proposed prototype.

It is anticipated that, in addition to the indicated teaching staff, a technician will be present to assist throughout the practical elements of the module.


  • Practical assessment via Poster presentation (40%)
  • Class participation – depending on contribution to class sessions and on teamwork skills (30%)
  • Group presentation (30%)

Key information

  • ECTS value: 0
  • Requirements: You must be prepared to attend all classes and to spend about an hour a week preparing for each session
  • This module is designed as an undergraduate Level 4 course. See Imperial Horizons level descriptors [pdf]
"Absolutely fantastic Horizons module taught by knowledgeable lecturers and on an interesting topic."