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A practical opportunity to prepare for the future by identifying and developing your employability skills

Module details

Offered to 1st years
Tuesdays 16.00-18.00
8 weeks (autumn or spring term)
Non-credit only

How to enrol

Professional Skills for Employability is a course developed for the Imperial Horizons programme by the Careers Service. Each of the sessions will be 30% theoretical input and 70% interactive experiential, and they are designed to encourage you to understand and acquire a range of professional skills, including working as part of a team, giving a presentation, the importance of networking and understanding business etiquette. It is relevant to any students who want to gain a better insight and awareness of the skills necessary for employability. The course will be delivered by experienced careers consultants.


Information blocks

Learning outcomes

Professional Skills Students in group discussion

On completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Understand the key elements of employability, what employers want and how to gather relevant information on
their future work environment;
2. Analyse their experiences to identify transferable skills and create a professional development plan to enhance
3. Identify and create strategies to network with individuals to successfully gather and analyse information to make better
informed decisions;
4. Independently develop tailored tools to apply for future opportunities such as CVs, cover letters and application
form answers;
5. Work in a multidiscipline group to create a presentation and evaluate both peer and formal feedback;


Indicative Core Content

Group taskThe session titles are as follows: 

    1. Programme Introduction and Assessing Your Skills
    2. Teamworking and Assertiveness
    3. CVs, Cover Letters and Online Tests
    4. Communicating and Networking
    5. Presenting
    6. Applications and Interviews
    7. Planning for the Future
    8. Presentation Assessment


                  • 3 short written and reflective assignments (75%)
                    - These will enable you to become familiar with the length and style of response a typical employer may expect in the application process
                  • Group presentation (25%)

                  Key information

                  • ECTS value: 0
                  • Requirements: You must be prepared to attend all classes and to spend about an hour a week preparing for each session
                  • This module is designed as an undergraduate Level 4 course. See Imperial Horizons level descriptors [pdf]
                  "Absolutely fantastic module, it really got me thinking about my career and my future plans. The course structure was excellent and all the key aspects and skills for employability were covered. I particularly enjoyed the group exercises and made very good friends throughout the module. This is a course I would recommend to all first year undergraduates! "
                  "a really good fit for me and it really opened my eyes to aspects of employment that I have never thought of before."
                  "I recommend this course to everyone one. It really helped me with applications to internships and taught me some crucial skills needed in university and work life."
                  "A great mix of lecture, practical and team-building sessions. The exercises and lectures were relevant and I was able to apply them during my internship. The lecturers also go the extra mile to help you out and provide feedback - in my case, feedback for my resume. It's definitely a course worth attending!"
                  "One of the best and most helpful modules one could take to improve in the field of work (in terms of interviews, CV, or any other similar tools)."
                  "The module is polished, I had fun learning these crucial professional skills."