This module is unique and designed in a very intricate way to help you develop the widest range of skills possible while learning about history. 

Students' experiences of Lessons from History 2020-21

"'This module allows you to learn history from any angle that you choose. It facilitated our growth as individuals learning about history, as team members working together for majority of the projects and as thinkers trying to learn and interpret the information we are learning. This is a really unique course with a really cool structure and a lot of support from the lecturer. It definitely made me a better learner overall and would highly recommend!' - Pratyusha, Intercalating Medical Student"
"‘An actively engaging history module that isn't your conventional 'module'. You will learn so much from others through their stories, ideas and experiences. It is my first Horizons module I chose and it was also the first time where I felt I could discuss interesting yet sensitive topics that have influenced the world. It is definitely a highlight of my time here and I am sad it has come to an end. The lecturer was fantastic, always pushing and supporting us. Just pick it, you will learn alot! Not just from others but yourself.’ - Umut, 3rd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering"
"‘This module was super fun and interesting. The team based learning make the classes far from traditional history lessons and allow you to look at events from lots of different perspectives in an enjoyable way. I did not take this module for credit and honestly did not expect to stay the whole year, but I enjoyed the classes and the history so much that I did!’ - Molly, 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering"
"‘The teaching and assessment style has been carefully considered, with student feedback and direction being taken seriously and automatically. The content is fascinating and wide ranging, with the students able to focus on particular areas of interest and present information in new and creative ways. The lecturer is great, the way she manages the teams and overall cohort is incredible - she's the most approachable and helpful academic I've studied with at university. I enjoyed every part, including all assessments, and would highly recommend it to any student - regardless of any lack of previous experience, or even interest, in history!’ - Abbie, 3rd Year Biochemistry"
"‘Lessons from History introduces you to a range of important events, gives you the opportunity to explore the aspects that interest you most in greater depth and helps you understand key issues that still affect society today, from police brutality to floods to pandemics. The 'unconventional' structure of the module encourages teamwork, discussion and engagement and is a really enjoyable break from the lectures and coursework in the rest of our degree.’ - Ambar, 3rd Year Biological Sciences"