anatomy - skeleton

  • Thorax 1: Breast, anterior thoracic wall muscles, heart, pericardium, great vessels
  • Thorax 2: Lungs, pleura, trachea, bronchi, diaphragm, secondary muscles of respiration
  • Thorax 3: Mediastinum, concentrating on superior and posterior
  • Abdo. 1: Abdominal wall, inguinal ligament, inguinal canal
  • Abdo. 2: GI tract – oesophagus to anus
  • Abdo. 3: Hepatobiliary, pancreas, spleen, renal, adrenal
  • Pelvis and perineum - male: Bones of pelvis, joints and ligaments, pelvic contents, perineum
  • Pelvis and perineum - female: Pelvic sexual dimorphism, pelvic contents, perineum
  • Limbs overview: Plexuses, nerves, blood supply, lymph drainage
  • Lower limb 1: Buttock, hip joint, thigh
  • Lower limb 2: Knee, leg, ankle, foot
  • Upper limb 1: Upper limb girdle, glenohumeral joint, arm
  • Upper limb 2: Elbow joint, forearm wrist, hand
  • Back: Vertebrae, discs, ligaments, meninges, spinal cord, nerve roots, extensor muscles
  • Neck: Fascias, compartments and contents, levels
  • Head 1: Bones of skull, skull base, dura, venous sinuses
  • Head 2: Face, oral cavity, muscles of mastication, CN V and VII
  • Neuroanatomy: Divisions of brain, functional area, CSF ventricles, pia, arachnoid, blood supply

Radiology: chest and neck radiological anatomy

Pathology: cardiothoracic, breast and gastrointestinal pathology