Session dates for Core Surgical Trainees, 2019-20

These training sessions are for CT1 surgical trainees only.

All sessions are at Charing Cross Hospital, unless stated otherwise.

  • Morning sessions are 8.30am-12.30pm
  • Afternoon sessions are 1.30-5.30pm

If you arrive late for your scheduled session (after 9am for the morning session or 2pm for the afternoon session) you will not be able to join your group until the next rotation.

There will be assessments on the following dates:

  • 10/11 December - Thorax
  • 10/11 March - Abdo and Pelvis & perineum
  • 19/20 May - Lower limb and Upper limb
  • Final assessment - Back, Neck, Head and Neuroanatomy

Training dates

Train the Trainer

St Mary's Hospital - date tbc

This workshop is primarily to help prepare you for your CT2 role of Anatomy Demonstrator, but it should also be invaluable in your approach to learning in the CT1 Anatomy sessions. A certificate will be provided for those who attend.

Thorax 1 - Breast, anterior thoracic wall muscles, heart, pericardium, great vessels

  • Monday 21 October – PM (1-5pm)
  • Tuesday 22 October – AM (8am-12pm)
  • Tuesday 22 October – PM (1-5pm)

Thorax 2 – Lungs, pleura, trachea, bronchi, diaphragm, secondary muscles of respiration

  • Monday 18 November – PM
  • Tuesday 19 November – AM
  • Tuesday 19 November – PM

Thorax 3 – Mediastinum, concentrating on superior and posterior

  • Tuesday 26 November - PM
  • Wednesday 27 November - AM
  • Wednesday 27 November - PM

Abdo. 1 – Abdominal wall, inguinal ligament, inguinal canal

  • Tuesday 10 December - PM
  • Wednesday 11 December - AM
  • Wednesday 11 December - PM

Abdo. 2 – GI tract – oesophagus to anus

  • Tuesday 17 December - PM
  • Wednesday 18 December - AM
  • Wednesday 18 December - PM

Abdo.3 – Hepatobiliary, pancreas, spleen, renal, adrenal

dates tbc

Pelvis and perineum – male – bones of pelvis, joints and ligaments, pelvic contents, perineum

dates tbc

Pelvis and perineum – female – pelvic sexual dimorphism, pelvic contents, perineum

dates tbc

Limbs overview – plexuses, nerves, blood supply, lymph drainage

dates tbc

Lower limb 1 – Buttock, hip joint, thigh

dates tbc

Lower limb 2 – Knee, leg, ankle, foot

dates tbc

Upper limb 1 – upper limb girdle, glenohumeral joint, arm

dates tbc

Upper Limb 2- elbow joint, forearm wrist, hand

dates tbc

Back – Vertebrae, discs, ligaments, meninges, spinal cord, nerve roots, extensor muscles

dates tbc

Neck – Fascias, compartments and contents, levels

dates tbc

Head 1 – Bones of skull, skull base, dura, venous sinuses

dates tbc

Head 2 – Face, oral cavity, muscles of mastication, CN V and VII

dates tbc

Neuroanatomy – Divisions of brain, functional area, CSF ventricles, pia, arachnoid, blood supply

dates tbc

Final assessment and feedback

St Mary's Hospital - date tbc

Full details and timings tbc