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The AutoTriage project investigates whether on-board vehicle sensors could be used to predict the severity of Traumatic Brain Injury within Road Traffic Collisions. The combined expertise between the Transport Research Laboratory's automotive Engineering, Safety & Technology sector and Imperial College London's Medical & Dyson Design Engineering Schools allows for a unique, industry led approach to improving the clinical outcome for road users involved in Road Traffic Collisions.

AutoTriage encompasses a multifaceted approach to link the physical cause of a road traffic collision to the injury outcome. Detailed case-by-case computational reconstruction of road traffic collision from evidence at the scene is used to model the effect of the external forces on the brain which cause Traumatic Brain Injury. Large-scale data-driven analysis of the UK's Road Accident In-Depth Study (RAIDS) enables the big picture relationship between real world accidents and patient outcomes to be understood. The drive and technical support provided by the Transport Research Laboratory in conjunction with the computational and clinical expertise provided by Imperial College London ensures that the end goal of improving outcome from such accidents is kept in focus at all times. Read more about AutoTriage here.



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