The College will be closed for the Christmas and New Year period from close of business on Friday 23 December 2022 and will reopen on Tuesday 3 January 2023. This closure will have an impact upon our services and deadlines, and we wanted to give you as much notice as possible to assist your planning. 

What impact will this have?

Payroll and Pensions

Payday is Friday 23rd December and payslips will be available to view on Thursday 22nd December. 

It is vitally important that you check your payslip promptly and submit any salary queries to the payroll team by 18.00 on Thurs 22nd December. Payroll queries received after 18.00 on Thurs 22nd December will be dealt with in January. 


For current staff with time-limited visas expiring   

The Staff Compliance Team will send Right to Work (RTW) visa expiry reminders as normal (at approximately 4 months, and 2 weeks prior to visa expiry), except for those whose visas expire between 24 December - 2 January, who will be contacted additionally in advance of College Closure. 

Please would departments assist by:  

  • Making requests for Global Talent Visa support or Skilled Worker/Temporary Worker contract extensions/Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) extensions (including VCCs) as early as possible.  
  • Highlighting urgent requests due to imminent visa expiry over the College Closure period to the relevant approvers and the Recruitment/Staff Hub, so that tickets can be prioritised. 

Please would staff assist by:  

  • Responding to visa expiry reminders, submitting and providing evidence of corresponding visa applications, and providing permission to use the Employers Checking Service (ECS) to the Staff Compliance Team as early as possible, to ensure that the College holds suitable evidence of continuing right to work. 
  • If applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) following a Tier 2/Skilled Worker visa, requesting a support letter from the Staff Compliance Team as early as possible.  If applying for ILR after holding another visa category, requesting an employment letter from the Staff Hub as early as possible.  

Please note that staff with pending visa applications should not travel outside the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands (Common Travel Area) until they receive a decision on their application and either a BRP card or online status confirming successful outcome. 

For new staff holding or requiring time-limited visas 

For new staff with start dates 19-23 December and 3-6 January, the Staff Compliance Team will undertake pre-employment RTW checks as normal once the contract is issued and the individual holds the required UK visa status. The team will confirm to the hiring department once checks are complete and the individual can start work.   

Please would departments assist by making new hire/contract requests for Global Talent Visa support or Skilled Worker/Temporary Worker CoS (including VCCs) as early as possible.  

Please note that we continue to experience significant delays with both ATAS certificate applications and visa application processing across all categories. If it is not feasible to meet a proposed start date due to visa processing/RTW check, the team will advise accordingly. 

DBS Checks

Where essential DBS checks need to be in place for the College Closure, please would departments and staff assist by making requests for DBS checks, submitting online applications and providing ID check documents to the Staff Compliance Team by Friday 16 December. 

Overseas Working Requests

Overseas working requests submitted by 17:00 on Friday 16 December will be reviewed by the Overseas Working Group as normal the following week. However, requests received after this date may not be considered until January. 

If your request relates to a potential new starter, please be aware that the Recruitment Hub will not be able to issue a contract of employment until January, unless they receive the new hire/contract request before 18:00 on Friday 9 December. 

Further guidance on Overseas Working can be found on the Overseas Working webpages.

Staff Hub

Payroll deadline for December 2022 is Friday 2nd December 2022.  Any requests for additional payments, changes of hours, parental leave, unpaid leave and leavers, received between 2nd December 2022 and Friday 23rd December 2022 will be processed for payment on Monday 24th January 2023. 

Payroll deadline for January 2023 is Friday 23rd December 2022.  Any requests received after this date will be processed for payment in February 2023. 

Please also note that any requests for starter contract requests, which have a proposed start date between 3rd and 6th January 2023 must be submitted to the HR Staff Hub with all the pre-employment information required no later than Friday 16th December 2022. 

Recruitment Hub

If you require a job to be advertised or employment contracts issued before the College closes for the Christmas holiday, please contact the Recruitment Hub before 18:00 on 9th December. This should allow us enough time to process your request without being impacted by external deadlines e.g., media, payroll cut off, college closure. 

To ensure the best possible response for your recruitment advertising we strongly recommend that vacant roles are not advertised over the Christmas period, and instead you should wait to advertise until week commencing 9th January.  

Please remember it is not possible to issue backdated contracts of employment and it is a legal requirement that all employees must receive a contract of employment before their start date with the College. 

Job Evaluation

The last Job Evaluation panel will take place on 13th December and the deadline to submit a role for this panel will be 5pm 9th December.  

The next JE panel will take place on 10th January and the deadline to submit papers for this will be 5pm 6th January. 

Casual Worker Team

Casual Worker Payments 

The payroll deadline is 17:00 on Friday 9th December 2022. All timesheets must be Level 1 and 2 approved in the Casual Worker App before this deadline in order to be paid in December. Payday will be the 23rd December.

There will be no supplementary payment run in December, therefore any late timesheets will be processed in the January payroll. 

Casual Worker Requests 

Please send Requirement Schedule entries for new Casual Workers from 20th December 2022 at the latest, in order for workers to begin on 3rd January 2023. As usual, Casual Worker setup is subject to the individual booking a Right to Work check with our team. 

We will endeavour to contact all individuals submitted in Requirement Schedules before the College closure period. Please note that new Casual Workers cannot begin work until our team have confirmed that registration has been completed.