I get an error message when trying to update my details. What should I do?

Please click here for advice on how to resolve this.

How is Self Service accessed?

If you are not an existing ICIS user then you should click here to access Self Service.

Existing ICIS users should log in as normal using this link -Self Service . You will then see a responsibility, My Details. This responsibility gives you access to a Self Service HR feature in ICIS.

What is Self Service?

ICIS Self Service is a web-based system that allows you to view and/or update your own personal information such as address, emergency contact details and qualifications. Only you have access to your details through Self Service, so you will be able to update and maintain your own personal information.

Who has access to Self Service?

All employees who use a College email address will be able to access their own personal data via Self Service. The only other access to information held in the HR database (ICIS) is given to specifically authorised persons who are responsible for complying with the Data Protection Act and Imperial College policy on security of information.

I'm experiencing difficulties logging into Self Service – who should I contact?

Please refer to the ICT web service desk for advice on how to resolve technical issues.

I can't update my details – who should I contact?

Please raise an ASK request and select the ICIS HR option, if you have any problems accessing your record or using the system”

Who is responsible for the data?

Only you have Self Service access to your own details so you are responsible for updating and maintaining this information yourself. It is therefore important that you keep your password secure and do not disclose it to anyone.

Why use HR Self Service?

There are many benefits in using Self Service. Firstly, it will ensure that information held in the HR database is accurate and up to date. It will also provide an easy means of updating information online, it will save time searching for your HR contact, it will reduce the need to complete paperwork and it will give you control of your own personal data.


What can I do in Self service?

You can view and update personal information and qualifications. For example, you can add/update your suffix, preferred name or previous name. You can also add/update information such as your address, telephone number, personal email address, ethnic origin, disability data etc. You also have the ability to add additional qualifications, including academic teaching qualifications and update any existing qualifications that we hold in the system.

You can view your first name and last name, NI number and date or birth but this data cannot be updated via Self Service as this requires further verification, so please contact your HR representative  if the information displayed in your record is incorrect.

Will the information I type into Self Service overtype any existing information about me?

Yes. The information which you can view using Self Service sits within the ICIS database. Your HR record will automatically be updated by anything which you type into Self Service. No one else will see the changes you make before you submit them. After you have submitted the data your HR record will be updated immediately.

What can I do if I want to correct a mistake that I accidentally submitted through Self Service?

There is no need to contact your HR Administrator to correct your HR record, as this can easily be rectified by you. If you think that you have made a mistake in entering your data, simply open up Self Service again and re-submit your data to correct your record.

Can I update any of my office contact details using Self Service?

No, your contact details at work cannot be updated via Self Service. Only your personal details can be updated (see point 8 above for more information on what you can do in Self Service). To update your contact details at work please use the College Directory.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Please contact the ICT web service desk.

Why are the fields in my record blank?

If this is the case, please use HR Self Service to enter any missing details.  If all the fields in your record are blank, this will be because HR have not yet entered the information you provided when you first started working at the College. Please note that if you have recently started working here, and if you decide not to enter the details in yourself, you should allow a week or two for HR to enter these details into your HR record.

Is there a preferred format I should use to enter/update my details?

Yes please enter data in mixed case.


My browser says the security certificate is invalid. Is it safe to proceed?

When logging on to the HR Self Service site vi a the secure gateway, your browser may warn you that the certificate for the site is ‘Untrusted'. The site uses a dig ital certificate to ensure all info rmation is encrypted. This cer tificate was created by the College, and so may not be trusted by your web browser. It's perfectly safe to ignore this warning and continue to the site.

I would like my PA to check that my details are up to date using Self Service, how can I do this?

It is important that you keep your College username and password secure and do not disclose them to anyone; sharing your password means that someone else could access and amend your information, including sensitive personal data, without your knowledge. If you prefer not to use Self Service yourself, then you should contact your HR Administrator who will be able to check your details for you

I am not able to update my details using my Mac PC/laptop, what should I do?

In order to update your details using your Mac PC/laptop, it has to meet the standard College Mac specification.  Please note that if you are also trying to access ICIS remotely, you will need to be connected to VPN.

Has the data collected been used to inform decision making around equalities guidance?

The overarching data i.e. the general figures form part of the College’s annual equality, diversity and inclusion report. The statistics enable the EDIC to map any gaps and establish where additional provision may be required. There are also occasions where policies will be updated and improved using the data collected.