The College is prioritising the progression and graduation of students, should the marking of assessments be disrupted due to industrial action. 

Students should note that throughout any potential disruption they must still complete and submit all exams and assessments to the best of their ability. 

The guiding principles 

As far as possible, departments will follow their normal procedures for marking, assessment, and the running of examination boards. If this process is disrupted by the marking boycott, the following overarching principles should guide departments in making any adjustments:  

  • The integrity of the process must be maintained to ensure confidence that outcomes are rigorous and fair.
  • Students should not be disadvantaged by adjustments required to ensure the integrity of the process, meaning a final degree classification will be no lower than any provisional classification temporarily granted to an individual student. 
  • Any unavoidable delays to the provision of marks, feedback, and decisions must be communicated to students as early as possible.  
  • If an examination board must prioritise, then graduating students will come first, followed by progressing students who need to achieve a certain overall mark to remain on their programme (e.g. integrated Master’s, year abroad or on placement).  

Further questions

Further questions

Does this guidance only apply to undergraduate students?

Yes, postgraduate examination boards meet later in the calendar year and guidance for these will be issued at a later date. In the meantime, you must still attend all exams and submit all coursework as normal: students who have not attempted all assessments, except where there are accepted mitigating circumstances, cannot be considered under this guidance. 

For some courses with external requirements, e.g. the General Medical Council for the MBBS degree, this guidance may not apply. 

I am graduating, how will my degree classification be calculated?

Most students are expected to be unaffected by the boycott and their classification will be determined in the normal way. Please be reassured that if you are affected, your situation will mean that you will be prioritised when decisions are made regarding classifications. We understand that graduation is a critical moment in your academic and personal development, and we will ensure that students who have demonstrated that they have met the learning outcomes of their programme are able to move forward with at least a provisional classification, before providing you with a final classification at a later date. Your final classification will be the same as or higher than your provisional classification. 

I am returning for studies next academic year. How will I progress?

Most students are expected to be unaffected by the boycott and their progression will be determined in the normal way. The College’s Senate has made allowance for departments to consider progressing students when they have passed all of the modules for which marks are available but have up to 30 ECTS worth of modules whose marks are missing (one academic year usually consists of 60 ECTS). Resits will be arranged in the normal way for students who have failed modules. 

How can you ensure that those receiving a provisional classification have earned it?

We are clear that the standards of the College’s awards must be maintained, and the integrity of the College’s marking processes must be protected.  

Examination boards are being instructed to consider a range of factors when awarding provisional classifications, including the degree classifications they grant in a normal academic year. 

How can I prove to e.g., an employer, that I have a provisional classification? How will I find out what my final classification is?

If you are a graduating student impacted by the marking boycott, please be reassured that you will receive a partial transcript from the College’s Registry team, alongside a letter clearly explaining the nature of your provisional classification and our guarantee that your final classification will remain the same as your provisional classification or be revised higher at a later date. 

Employers are aware of the situation, as set out by the Institute of Student Employers.

Have you discussed this approach directly with employers?

The College’s Careers Service has consulted a wide selection of employers that frequently employ Imperial graduates. Employers have appreciated the College’s proactive approach to informing them of our plans and have provided positive and informative feedback as we have developed our guiding principles. 

Employers are aware of the situation, as set out by the Institute of Student Employers.

If I am unhappy with my provisional classification, may I appeal it?

No, you will not be able to appeal any provisional classification the College has granted you. You may request an arithmetic mark check in the usual way, but you should note that this may result in module mark(s) and the overall degree average going down. 

The College will endeavour to share your final classification with you as soon as possible. Your final classification will be the same or higher than any provisional classification you might receive. You will be able to appeal your final classification in the usual way. 

Will my work be marked?

You should ultimately receive the marks and feedback on all coursework, exams and other assessments as you expected to prior to the boycott, but there may be delays in receiving some marks and feedback. 

Are there any changes to the process of applying for mitigating circumstances or attending assessments?

No, normal procedures will apply. If you have a serious problem affecting your study, coursework, or examinations, you must ensure that you follow the process specified by your department as usual.  

You must attend all exams and submit all coursework as normal: students who have not attempted all assessments, except where there are accepted mitigating circumstances, cannot be considered under this guidance.  

What will happen about resits this summer?

Departments will inform students needing to take resits at the earliest opportunity. As the majority of modules are expected to be unaffected by the boycott, resits are expected to run as normal. Where the boycott does impact a module, identifying any students who need to take resits will be a priority, and departments have been asked to consider the impact on student workload of any necessary changes to the timing of resits. 

I have further questions, who should I contact?

Please contact your department’s undergraduate administration team. Examination boards in departments will take bespoke approaches based on the scale of impact on their students. Please be reassured that these approaches will follow the guiding principles detailed above. 

May I read the full guidance?

Yes, the full guidance is available to browse under Annex E of the Board of Examiners Notes.

How will provisional results be reflected on documents?

Information about documentation be found on the College’s Registry pages.