This chart shows the split by ethnicity (BME staff, white staff and those who have not confirmed their ethnicity) when we order hourly rate of pay from highest to lowest and group into four equal quartiles.

In 2019 BME staff were under-represented in all of the quartiles and this could also be partly due to the percentage of staff not declaring their ethnicity, therefore there is not an entirely accurate representation of how the quartile split would look in this instance. This has continued in 2020 with a drop in BME representation in all of the quartiles since 2019 (apart from a slight increase in the lower-middle quartile).


  • Upper quartile: 410 BME (16.2%), 223 unknown/prefer not to say (8.8%), 1892 white (74.9%)
  • Upper middle quartile: 704 BME (27.9%), 300 unknown/prefer not to say (11.9%), 1520 white (60.2%)
  • Lower middle quartile: 747 BME (29.6%), 360 unknown/prefer not to say (14.3%), 1417 white (56.1%)
  • Lower quartile: 799 BME (31.7%), 455 unknown/prefer not to say (18.0%), 1270 white (50.3%)