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Dear all,

Thank you for your initial offer of May 13, which amounts to a 3% increase with a floor at £50k and a ceiling at £100k.

Since we put in our initial claim, the Bank of England has increased its prediction of inflation from 8 to 10%, which on the basis of the past relationship between national and London equation equates to 2.3% increase above the level that informed our claim, meaning that it would require a cost of living increase of 12.2% merely to maintain the value of pay.

In these extreme circumstances of not only high inflation, but rapidly rising estimates of its future value, it is clear we are chasing a moving target. In these unique circumstance, we are prepared to agree to a ceiling at £100k and a floor at £50k to ensure that resources are as far as possible directed to the most highly pressed staff, for this pay negotiation only. In addition, we are prepared to defer discussion of compensation for the loss of USS benefits to next year.

This, however, only highlights the inadequacy of your current offer of 3% that does not come close to providing inflation protection even for the lowest paid at Imperial. We also note that your own figures for the operating surplus of £22.9m is higher than the cost of your initial offer. In addition, we note Imperial’s excellent performance in REF2021 that should be translated into an increased QR grant to College in future years, and itself reflects the efforts of staff at Imperial that deserve direct recognition.

In the interests of reaching a settlement we would therefore be prepared to compromise in the short term. We believe our members would be prepared to accept a settlement of 8% with a £4k floor and £8k ceiling even though it would mean a real-terms pay cut for many. This represents a good-faith attempt on our part to allow for an agreed settlement this year, and to focus on protecting the incomes of the lowest-paid at Imperial.

We look forward to your response at our next meeting tomorrow. 



Vijay, on behalf of the JTU representatives