Dear Audrey,

Can you please explain the statement:

“Unfortunately, our positions are so far apart that we are left with no option but to implement our full and final offer as outlined in our letter dated 27 May 2022.”

The JTU position of stating “8% with a £4k floor and £8k ceiling” is simply one of maintaining some semblance of pay value and support for staff in these times of huge increases in the basics of cost of living.

What is insinuated in this paragraph is that had the JTU put forward a lower percentage increase, management might have increased the offer by some degree.

We the JTU cannot accept the “blame” suggested as we are not part of the management side discussions and deliberations.

This pay offer is entirely on you the management side, and as all three unions of the JTU have reported, has been seen as inadequate by our respective union memberships.


Susan (on behalf of the JTU).