Dear Audrey

The JTU met earlier today. In a verbal conversation you had requested for us to write to management, with a proposal that we would be in a position to go back to our members to recommend.

 We have discussed our position at length, and agreed to revert to our original revised position we sent on Monday 16/05/2022 17:42

‘In the interests of reaching a settlement we would therefore be prepared to compromise in the short term. We believe our members would be prepared to accept a settlement of 8% with a £4k floor and £8k ceiling even though it would mean a real-terms pay cut for many. This represents a good-faith attempt on our part to allow for an agreed settlement this year, and to focus on protecting the incomes of the lowest-paid at Imperial.’

If the College would agree our proposal, we would be in a position to recommend to our members.

Kind regards