Dear Audrey et al,

                             thank you for the sending the your final pay offer.

The JTU are extremely disappointed by the offer, which falls far short of our original, affordable, and costed pay claim of 12.9%. It falls far short even of the current inflation rate of nearly 11% in London and will therefore fall even further behind the probable inflation rate at the end of the year, meaning College’s pay offer amounts to a massive real-terms pay cut for staff — even those at the lowest end of the pay scale.

We will now consult our members. This takes some time to carry out properly, and with the extended Bank holiday means that the 20th June is not a realistic deadline; we will send a response following a full membership consultation in the week commencing 27th June.

We ask that this response is included on the College webpages.


               Vijay, on behalf of the Joint Trade Unions