To the Joint Trades Unions’ Local Pay Representatives

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for sharing your response to the College’s full and final pay offer.

Our preference is always to be able to reach a formal agreement with you, whilst accepting that our input parameters may differ from yours.

Pay principles

Our understanding is that your focus is solely on London inflation. Our own published pay principles consider a number of distinct elements which include:

  • long-term affordability
  • a review of our recruitment and retention data
  • and a review of other pay awards made in higher education institutions, as well as other sectors.

In addition, we also benchmark our salaries and are pleased to note that the College is ahead of all national pay benchmarks.

Total Remuneration

When the College determines the level of investment in the annual pay award, the Provost’s Board considers the Total Remuneration Package for staff. As part of that, we formally negotiate with the joint trades unions on the pay award element.

As you are aware, there are other key elements of remuneration which we invest in. As part of our commitment to transparency, we have shared our intention to use at least 0.3% of our investment on:

  • Reviewing employees for either a one-off payment or consolidated adjustment to pay. This has been shown to positively reduce our pay gaps.
  • Supporting promotion and progression which may also result in an increase in pay.

We also consider the 60% of staff who will receive a salary increase through the payment of automatic increments on top of the 1.8% pay award.

For this financial year onwards, the College also intends to increase the Family Friendly budget, to enable both parents to each receive up to a maximum of 16 weeks shared parental leave at full pay, where they are both employed by the College.

The College is also committed to ensuring that all staff have a good pension that offers value for money. For USS, the College is committed to contributing 2/3rds and is also committed to the phased increases for SAUL pension, with employer contributions set to increase by 5%.

Full and final offer

As you are aware, prior to making the College’s full and final offer, we shared your representations on behalf of your members with the June Provost’s Board members and they agreed to increase the pay mandate.

Having carefully considered your response to our final pay offer of 1.8% across-the-board, the position remains unchanged for the reasons outlined above. We hope staff will recognise that, despite the College being ahead of national pay benchmarks, the conscious decision in this round of negotiations was to pay above these once more.

We therefore request you put this final offer to your members, and that you communicate the outcome of their vote with us by no later than 23 July 2021.

Yours sincerely,

Audrey Fraser on behalf of the College negotiating team

Cc: Harbhajan Brar – Director of HR, Neil Alford – Associate Provost (Academic Planning), Tony Lawrence – Director of Finance, Jon Tucker – Faculty Operating Officer, Business School, Lynne Cox – Director of Research Office, Jane Neary – Director of Campus Services, Lois Wiggins – HR Reward Manager (Note taker), Emily Michael – HR Adviser (Reward, Engagement & Policy)

CC: Staff side representatives: Tom Pike – UCU, Michael McGarvey – UCU, Amanda Sackur - UCU, Tanya Hunt – Unison, Samuel Ferman – Unison, Darren Hickey – Unison, Susan Parker – Unite, Andrew Murray - Unite